Apps that You Need to Have as a Lawyer

Being a lawyer means that you have to work a lot, meet different people, represent some of them (if that’s part of your activity), read and write plenty of documents and keep yourself up to date with the recent developments of law and legislation.

Because of all this and because there’s a close connection between money and time, a lawyer should also have access to different apps and also know how to use them. We live in a world mostly run by technology, and it’s necessary to make the best of the possibilities that you have.

This being said –here are some of the apps for lawyers that you really need to try out and see how easier things will be for you.

For Timekeeping

Apps that You Need to Have as a LawyerOne thing is for sure – a lawyer is paid by the hour, so you need to be fair to your clients and know exactly how much hours you’ve spent on their projects so that you can bill them accurately. We know that you can keep track of a meeting by yourself, but working with multiple projects in the same day can be overwhelming, and it can represent quite a challenge.

That’s a good reason to use an app specially designed for timekeeping. There is plenty of time tracking software for your use or timekeeping apps, but you’ll need one that offers you different possibilities. You need to be able to define several projects at a time, with the option to pause a timer for one of your projects and start another project, without closing anything or saving the work every time you are interrupted.

For Reading and Writing

A modern lawyer knows that not every document is virtually stored in a PDF file, so because of this, you’ll need an app that can open up different types of documents. There are plenty of extensions that are now used for creating documents, so you need to choose one that offers you the possibility to open up anything.

Another good thing would be for this app to give you the option to edit the document so that you can combine writing with reading easily. A lawyer has plenty of materials to use at a time, from briefs or exhibits to key pleadings, so you need to be able to access them quickly.


Apart from having to edit a document, a lawyer also needs to take notes. Now you don’t have to take notes by hand because you can lose the papers or take a long time in writing something. Different apps can capture the handwriting, and that can also send it to your phone as a searchable text. You can also set it to export the writing to other programs like PDF so that you can create different types of documents with some of these apps.

To-Do List

Everyone thinks about creating different to-do lists all the time, so why not use an app that can help you with this? For a lawyer it’s even more important because it allows them to set different deadlines in a list of items that can be checked off, to add notes, create labels or prioritize.

Some apps for creating to-do lists will let you add date and information for every item. You can drag the items to reorder the list, and you can also sync the lists and the list items between different devices like tablet, smartphone or desktop computer.

The truth is that it’s easier to stay connected to technology when you know how to use the smartphone and the apps that come with it. This makes it so much simpler to work with documents and work, as it saves both time and money, especially for those that are very busy.

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